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Summit County Health Department offers report on mosquito activity in Bath

By Jody Miller correspondent

BATH TWP.: Terry Tuttle, from the Summit County Public Health Department, reported to township officials last week about the unusually high number of mosquitoes that have been recorded this summer season in Summit County.

Traps are placed in various locations throughout the county by the health department to monitor mosquito populations, Tuttle explained, adding that seven of those traps are located this year in Bath Township.  While the traps may typically catch an average of 300 to 400 mosquitoes, there have been as many as 1,290 caught in one trap in Bath this year, he said.

Of the seven traps in Bath, mosquitoes in four of those traps tested positive for West Nile Virus, which is not an abnormality, Tuttle said.  Three of those readings were taken July 23, while the fourth was Aug. 8. Those traps were located near: Lakeview and Shade Park drives; North Cleveland-Massillon Road and Dogwood Lane, in the Hammonds Corners area of Bath, near the intersection of West Bath Road and Reserve Drive; and in the Bath Center area, near West Bath Road and Allard Drive.

The department does spray throughout the season, particularly where the West Nile Virus is detected; however, spraying is not as effective in areas where the houses are located a distance from the road, as is true of many areas in Bath.

For further information about the mosquito control program and the efforts of Summit County Public Health, check out the website.