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Several administrators for Revere Local Schools receive salary raises

By Jody Miller correspondent

BATH TWP. –With the start of the 2013-14 school year, many of the actions taken by the Revere Board of Education at the Aug. 27 regular meeting were related to personnel matters such as supplemental contracts for school activities, agreements for student services and salary changes/adjustments. In the case of the latter, the board approved increases in compensation for much of the administrative staff.

Both Revere Superintendent Randy Boroff and Revere Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer Dave Forrest received a $1,500 base compensation increase for the year. A one percent increase in salary was granted to Assistant Superintendent Kathy Bearer, who will be retiring Dec. 31, as well as Director of Student Services Dr. Chris Kovach and Revere High School Principal Phil King. Salary adjustments were given to three other staff members, including Dan Fry, principal at Bath Elementary School ($82,032); Katie Kowza, principal at Hillcrest ($82,032) and Beth Harrington, assistant principal at Hillcrest ($73,774).