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Help determine students’ future at Revere’s ‘Future’s Day’

By Jody Miller correspondent

BATH TWP.: One of the most anticipated and helpful programs offered to students by Revere High School is “Future’s Day,” an opportunity for students to learn about the careers and jobs available in the work world today from the experts in those jobs.

Every year, sophomores and juniors are exposed to the myriad career choices available when volunteers – excited about and willing to share the details of their career choices – take time to explain to the students the ins and outs of their respective career choices.  From the education needed and salary potential to challenges and rewards, these speakers provide in-depth insight and real world experiences to the students at a time when the students are exploring their career path options.

The Fifth Annual Fall Future’s Day program is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 16, at Revere High School, 3420 Everett Road.  Speakers will be asked to prepare for up to three, 45-minute sessions with students who will have signed up to learn about various career options.

For details about Revere’s Future’s Day or to learn more about how you can share the love of your work with the future generation, contact Brenda Moll at