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Fire Chief Hower announces plan to inspect, color code fire hydrants

By Jody Miller correspondent


BATH TWP. - Fire Chief Walt Hower told trustees Sept. 3 that members of the department will be conducting the annual inspection/maintenance of the fire hydrants in Bath as a result of the Joint Economic Development District.  In addition, the hydrants will be painted as a way to better identify the flow of water from each hydrants.

The color of the hydrant will indicate the flow of the water, with blue being very good flow (1,500 gallons per minute); green rated as good (1,499 to 1,000 gpm); orange will mark the adequate flows (999 to 500 gpm) and red indicating an inadequate flow rating (less than 500 gpm).

The color coding will help responders in an emergency situation better determine the optimum hydrant situation for firefighting efforts, Hower said.