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Bath Township warns of painting address scam

By Betty Lin-Fisher
Beacon Journal business writer

The Bath Police are warning residents about a flier being put in mailboxes that offers painting of addresses on curbs.

Bath Police Chief Michael McNeely said while there are legitimate businesses and groups, such as church youth groups, that will paint addresses on curbs, the fliers that have been circulating around Bath Township are a repeat of a scam that surfaced last year.

The flier says that 78 percent of all houses don’t have visible addresses for emergency crews to find homes and that customers should leave $15 to $20 in cash or checks with the flier the next day for service.

McNeely said one resident reported putting money out and the money was taken and the service was never completed. There is a name on the flier, Robert Metz, but no address or other contact information for the business, McNeely said.

“We advise them to disregard the flier,” said McNeely.

McNeely said consumers should use their best judgment if there are other offers to paint addresses on curbs. However, for most police and fire departments, they know people’s addresses and don’t need the painted numbers.

“If you’re comfortable with the individual and they appear to be doing the job in the neighborhood, that’s fine,” he said.

McNeely suggests residents contact their local authorities to see whether door-to-door solicitors have the proper permits or licenses, if necessary.

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