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Bath Police investigate men posing as law enforcement, utility workers

By Heather Beyer correspondent


BATH TWP.: Police and residents continue to be on alert after reports of individuals posing as fake detectives and utility workers were seen knocking on homes in area neighborhoods late last month, and allegedly looking for opportunities to break into homes.


On June 21, it was reported to the local police that two white men flashed fake badges after knocking on the door of a Roberts Ridge home in an upscale neighborhood and asked a 12-year-old girl if her dad was home. The girl said that the men were rude and drove away in a gray sedan that was in poor condition.


Police records described one male as short, chubby, balding and in his 40s. The second male had gray hair, glasses and in his 50s. The girl said they were rude and drove away in gray sedan in poor condition.


A couple days later, there was another report of a man pretending to be a utility worker, who knocked on the front door of a home on Bonnebrooke Drive and tried to gain entry. The homeowner reported that she saw a man jiggling the front door and trying to get inside of the home.